Dear Sir…Are You Gonna Ask Me Out?

Dear Sir,

I need to ask you a question…are you gonna ask me out or not? I’m confused as to what you’re doing.

There have been multiple occasions when you’ve singled me out, spun me around the dance floor, sat by me, spoken with me, etc. While these things are normal for most girls, this just doesn’t happen to me. I’ve never been the center of a guy’s attention. So for me, this is new and unfamiliar territory.

Many friends have teased me or asked me what in the world is going on! I didn’t know what to tell them so I went along with the teasing.

But, Sir, do you know what you’re doing? Are you aware that you’re giving me the impression that you like me? Or is this your way of just being friendly?

I know I haven’t known you very long and that we are starting to become better friends. I am confused as to what is going on in your mind and heart.

When in large groups you’re quiet and tend to sit on the outskirts, watching and observing the dynamics of the group. But in smaller groups, you engage in the games and conversation.

I’d like to get to know you better. From what I have learned about you, you’re a godly man, one who loves his family, friends, and country deeply. Everything over the past few months has pointed to the fact that you might be interested in starting a relationship with me.

But somewhere along the way, those inklings are gone. No longer do I get the feeling that you are interested in me. No longer do my friends tease me about you. No longer am I the at the center of your “intense friendship” as I used to term it.

While there wasn’t much to go on before, I’ll be the first to admit that it was flattering to think you might be interested in me. It was nice to be at the center of someone’s attention. I liked being teased by my friends. It was an ego booster…yes, yes it was.

I just don’t know if I should hold onto the idea that you’re biding your time, thinking and praying about what to do, or if I should just let that go and continue to be the friend you need.

While I don’t know if you will ever ask me out or not, I can use this time to pray for you. I can pray you continue to follow the Lord, that someday the woman you marry will be a godly one, and I can pray that you will gather around you like-minded friends who make you stand with you in the good times and have your back in the bad times. I pray you grow steadily in the Lord and your feet will be firmly planted on solid ground.

~ Sincerely,


About natmott95

I'm a young woman who is discovering life and all the joys and sorrows that come with it. I invite you to come along on my journey and grow with me as I struggle through issues I'm dealing with, search out the truth of matters, and start to understand the way my heart works. Come on my journey and share with me the experience that its through the Lord's grace that I am able to live this life.
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