New Year, New Resolutions

New Years

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
– Carl Bard

Ah, 2016.

As the first week of the New Year has begun, its got me thinking about what I hope will happen throughout the upcoming year. Lately I have been thinking about different resolutions I want to actually keep up with.

But it got me wondering, why do I want this year to be different? Will I still be as committed to my resolutions in March as I was this year in January? I hope so!

Some things I hope to work on this year all have to do with improving my walk with the Lord, personal qualities, and health. A few are:

  1. To have a personal quiet time with the Lord each day
  2. Learn how to have a more effective prayer life and to pray more consistently
  3. To talk less and listen more; be an active listener
  4. Work out 3x a week
  5. Have a health-conscious diet
  6. Cultivate a meek, quiet spirit before the Lord and others
  7. Appreciate the small things in life

There are more, but those are the most important things that I want to focus on.

I don’t want this to be like all the other New Years resolutions I’ve had in the past. I truly want to be dedicated to working on these goals.

I think having a blog will help keep me accountable in these areas as well as I share my struggles and victories with you.

I am excited to see what joys and trials 2016 will bring me.

Its my fervent hope that it will be completely different than 2015, but Lord willing, I will grow just as much throughout the coming year as I did last year.

Dear Father,
I ask that as this year brings a new beginning, I would learn the lessons you put before me. Guide me and stretch me in ways I could never imagine. I want to be a woman who adores you and puts you first in all she does. Help me become a godly young woman who people can trust, look up to, and say ‘She loves Christ with all her heart’. I ask that I would be open to your teachings through your word, prayer, and the admonition and encouragement of others.
In your holy and precious name I pray these things.



About natmott95

I'm a young woman who is discovering life and all the joys and sorrows that come with it. I invite you to come along on my journey and grow with me as I struggle through issues I'm dealing with, search out the truth of matters, and start to understand the way my heart works. Come on my journey and share with me the experience that its through the Lord's grace that I am able to live this life.
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3 Responses to New Year, New Resolutions

  1. BlondeRJ says:

    Natalie! You have a blog! I love it! Following!


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