Philadelphia – Part 1 (of many!)

I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything. But I was able to go stay one of the most amazing cities I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Just as a catch-up, my brothers and I went to a wedding in Pennsylvania of one of our closest friends. Our friends now wife lived there and thus thats where the wedding took place. I’m going to break the trip up into several different parts because my brothers and I packed it so full of touristy things that it’d be too much to do in one post. So here goes on day 1!


It had been 6 months since we had last seen Joshua (pictured in the middle). It was so good to turn the corner of the TSA checkpoint and see him sitting there waiting for us.

We left DFW for our layover in Chicago on Thanksgiving day. It was such a smooth plane ride and once we connected to our flight in Philadelphia, we were on the last stretch! It was smooth flying all the way to Philly.

When I was planning this trip out, I looked into AirBnB and found a great deal on a studio apartment off 23rd and Walnut in Philadelphia. It was in such a great location. From our place in the Roosevelt Apartments, we had an easy 25-30 minute walk into the old Center City.

The picture above is the Roosevelt Apartments where we stayed. The 6th floor windows on the far left was where we stayed.


Our hostess was awesome and extremely helpful. She was able to be reached by both phone and the AirBnB app. If anyone is looking to stay somewhere without paying hotel prices, I highly recommend using AirBnB.


Our little kitchen was great!


I took these pictures on our last day actually which is why the room looks crazy. We were in the midst of packing up to go home. And Joshua is just being himself. 😉 The studio apartment only had one bed so because of that, Samuel and I took turns sleeping on the floor. Even though the sleeping situation wasn’t enough for the 3 of us, we weren’t there for most of time so it was just fine.

Once we got settled in and hung out in the apartment for a couple of hours, our friends who were getting married picked us up and we drove to Downingtown, PA to eat dinner with both of their families. Even though it wasn’t until almost 11 pm when we sat down, it was so nice to be with not only our long time friends but also new friends and celebrate Thanksgiving together.

The next day was our first full day of touring. We woke up super early and packed on our jackets, hats, scarves, and gloves! For a Texas gal, it was such a weather shock to actually have to wear a jacket!

We ate breakfast at an awesome little donut shop called Federal Donuts. I had seen a short promo video of it on Facebook and wanted to try it. It was awesome cause it was only a short 15 minute walk for us from the apartment.


If you’re ever in Philadelphia and in the mood for outrageously delicious donuts, I would highly recommend you hit up this shop (its on Samson St). Not only are the donuts a variety of flavors but they are also super affordable. The cool thing about Federal Donuts is that at 11 o’clock sharp, they start serving up fried chicken. Unfortunately for us, we were on a super tight schedule and couldn’t stick around to taste their delicious chicken.

After finishing off that delicious goodness, we burned off the calories by walking the remainder of the way to Center City. In Center City, we were able to tour so many of the buildings that up until that point I had only read about in history class.

Since we had obviously never been to Philadelphia before, we were not familiar with the streets so we were a tad confused as to where everything was. Joshua was looking around and he asked me where Independence Hall was. I tapped him on the should and he turned around and saw this for the first time.


As a history nerd, I was blown away with the beauty of this building. I stood there in awe, probably with my jaw hanging open, and was just blown away by the fact America was born in this building. We got to tour the building but since it was such an amazing experience that I’ll write a whole entire post dedicated just to Independence Hall.

There is a square that faces Independence Hall and on the left of it is the Liberty Bell. It is housed in a long building just off the green.


The Liberty Bell is so much bigger in person than I could ever have imagined. It is beautiful and so historic. My little inner nerdy history geek pretty much freaked out the entire trip. I know it doesn’t look huge in the picture but trust me, it is.


The next stop on our tour was Jim’s on South St. South St is known in Philly is the hip part of town. Its full of hipster joints, swanky restaurants, art shops, etc. Before heading to Philly, I did some research on which was the best Philly cheesesteak place but once we got to Philly we started asking our Lyft drivers which one they preferred and several of them recommended Jim’s.

fullsizeoutput_2fa     IMG_0639

It was super good! Tip: if you want to order like a true Philadelphian, you order it wit wiz. You won’t regret it! The guys loved Jim’s as well. 🙂

After a satisfactory lunch, we walked back up to Independence Hall and were greeted by this beautiful site.


We then went up to the Liberty Square where Joshua was picked up by our friends who whisked him away to the rehearsal dinner.

This is just half of the first day! And since it has already been a long post, I’m going to stop here for now and I’ll try to post more later. Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures!



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