Philadelphia – Part 2

Picking up where I left off…

Once Joshua left for his buddy’s rehearsal dinner, Samuel and I decided to hit the town on our own. I had read about this really neat place called Magic Gardens on Pintrest. I had been really wanting to visit this place from everything I had read about it. I can honestly say I was not disappointed. It was AMAZING and blew my expectations out of the water!

I was given a pamphlet with information about the Magic Gardens when I walked in the gate. What we learned was that Isaiah Zagar, who is an award winning mosaic mural artist, created these installations on half a block of Philly’s famous South Street. He has his work on more than 200 public buildings around the world. He uses nontraditional materials like folk art statues, random objects, wheels from bicycles, and so many beautiful colored glass bottles in his mosaics. There are even hand-made tiles and seemingly endless glass mirrors imbedded in the walls, ceiling, and floors of the indoor and outdoor museum. Zagar used these to give a visual representation of anecdotes and personal narratives on his life, family and community. What follows are some of the pictures of one of the coolest museums I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit!


I am entirely too thrilled to be in this place at the moment. 🙂 I think my face says it all.


Samuel’s famous smoulder…


You can see the hand-made tiles and fragmented mirrors behind us.


Zagar uses wire to create images as well.

There were multiple levels to this installation.

     IMG_0651     IMG_0652

I loved how Zagar used everyday objects to build the walls, floors, ceilings of his art museum. Its the complex mixture of the different materials that make is absolutely breathtaking and unique. In one of the photos, you can see how Zagar uses bowls and bicycle wheels to add to the beauty of this place. You could stand looking at one spot for hours and continuously see something new each time you looked. It is especially beautiful when the sun is setting. There are so many things I could say about this incredible space. I didn’t even get any pictures of the inside of the museum! This was only the outer corridor that I snapped photos of!


10/10 I would definitely recommend you stop here! I could have added so many more pictures from this amazing place but these are just a few of my favorites!

Next, Samuel and I hit up the famous steps at the Museum of Art. These are the steps that the fictitious Rocky Balboa ran up. Samuel ran them but I slightly jogged up them (there are 72 steps, in case anyone was curious!).

IMG_0662   IMG_0663

After this, we were exhausted from running up and down the steps and walking around the fountains up at the top. Samuel and I sat at the bottom of the steps and enjoyed watching the tourists run up the steps as well. The laughter and memories people make at the steps is so awesome to see! You can even get a picture with the Rocky statue around the corner.

Once we caught our Lyft back to our apartment, we crashed so hard! So that concludes our second day in Philadelphia! On to day 3…


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